A water drop decided to quit
after getting tired of been
pushed, shake and blown
by mighty winds in the midle
of a never ending storm;
from water into ice into
sparkling little diamonds
that make the snow,
and then again,
melting into tiny pearls
to be part of the fog,
that make the lights
to fade away
by obscuring the sun,

The little drop, after quitting,
jumped from the cloud and went
traveling on the shoulders of the
wind without looking down;

Freedom is waiting down below,
in the thirsty earth
of a thirsty world,
waitng for the drop to give life
to a flower or a grain of corn.

Nobody followed after
the solitary drop,
all being so busy riding
the fury of the storm,
that they didn't noticed
that the little drops its fall
wasn't on fertile waiting ground...
but on a rock.
A water drop by Georg E Mateos
Suddenly it hits you in the face
anouncing a downpour, a wet herald
from the skies telling the seeds to be
ready to give man his bread.

Time’s calling
And life takes another step.
Pull down my favourite star out of the
sky; still I must go on.
In my mind there is a place
Where my heart and mind meet,
That is where my lady lives.
Take her away
And still I must go on.
We define what makes out lives have
What makes our lives joyous,
Our lives successful,
What makes our lives worth living.
Take it all away.
Still I must go on
For no one or standard defines
Whom, or what I am!
God and I alone decide That.

Tracy L. Scott
Seeing the truth is
sometimes just a matter of
Look at the picture, tilt your
head to the left, and then to
the right until you see the
Beware of the liar.
The Liar By
Michael Charles Messineo

Once ~
I purchased a Beautiful
red vase that caught my
eye in a store window.
When I got it home,
I put it in a Specially
designated place where
I could have constant visual
access and admire
it as often as I wanted to.

But... it did NOT qualify as a ‘HEART THANG’!

Also ~
I had an Exquisite painting... So-o-o picturesque
~ so soothing ~ and so aesthetically stimulating.
It was strategically hung for panoramic visibility...
never to be touched... only appreciated and
intrinsically treasured from almost anywhere I

But... that relationship was NOT a ‘HEART THANG’!

Again ~
I have an extraordinary plant which sits upon my
spacious desk near an elegant picture window. It
is so Green ~ so Vibrant ~ so full and Healthy. It
provides me with so much visual gratification
and exhilaration... and as much as I love admiring
it...even it, could Never be closely compared to
that of...


However ~
I have family members, friends and have even
met strangers which have crossed my path
(sometimes just for a season), who were so very
hospitable and accessible. For that moment we
were the only ones in the universe and our only
objective was the needs of the other. ...And
though the occasion may have been short lived
before resuming the affairs of our busy lives...

Let it be known ~ Far & Near,

Shout it from the rooftops ~ Loud and Clear,

PEOPLE are important... that ain’t slang

that’s what I call a real... ‛HEART THANG’!
SyD's Cafe

You are smooth
You like
To be liked
So you pretend
You know
People like to walk
On smooth surfaces
So you ensure
Your exterior is smooth
You smile
Even though it belies
The look in your eyes
When you feel your façade fading
You cover up your feelings
Nod and smile
Uphold your denial
With a pill or two
A drink or three
And people tread
All over you
Oh yes
You are smooth

© Copyright 2008     Regis Auffray
Regis (Reg) Auffray

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We are many and you are
few, we listen to the crap
you spew. Don’t think we
aren’t up to speed, on truth
and lies as you deceive.
You spout out lines of
twisted tales, like politicians
or car sales. You change
what we would like to hear,
while your treachery has no
fear. You are what’s wrong
in every way, no longer
care ‘bout what you say.
You paint your picture so
distorted, you change the
story not reported. The
words come out but do not
say, the truth behind what
you portray. You bend the
facts for your own gain How
is it that you feel no pain?
I know this "technique" well.
I do not mean to "put down"
anyone who uses this way
as a method of getting by.
This is not meant to abase
anyone; if it were, I''d be
hurting myself as well.
You Are In Heaven

You are in Heaven now
splendid beauty abounds
smiles are easy
in this new life you have found

Light all around you
soft, yet it glows
brighter than the sun
any earth man knows

Loved one's have gathered
to welcome you home
so happy to see you
all you have known
Peace in your Soul,

Joy on your lips
A radiant glow flows
from your finger tips

You touch with Love
all that you see
and every loved pet
has come to welcome Thee

You are very happy
I see now that you are
A new light in Heaven
which is not far

But a Breath away
You're but one Breath away
and someday we will arrive
Sack cloth and Possessions left

And you will be there
to welcome us home
My Brother, Our Angel,
it won't be long.

~ SpiritPoetry