Bryan Lowry  
As with most photographers, photography has been a
passion most of my life. Living in Hawaii on the Big
Island of Hawaii is the ultimate for someone like me. The
volcano is by far my favorite subject. The constant
changes that offer only momentary glimpses of what
nature can do. For some it's a spiritual experience, for
me it is a geological spectacle. I view it as a living art
museum and nature is the artist and I am just lucky
enough to be able to capture some of its images with my
Thomas Deir                                    Bottom Right                        ' Right  Kauai Wave'   
           'Mermaid Angel Honolulu 2'
Andrew Money
Bottom  "Lunar Windows
This is a completely digitally created version
of the moon, rising out of the digital ocean,  
through a digital window - all  created in
Windows. Ironic  isn't  it?
Thomas Deir .
December 17,1989 was a turning point in the life of Kailua resident Thomas Deir.
On that day, he created his first painting on canvas. At the time, he was 26 years
old. Two years later, he was the top-selling artist in a Waikiki gallery, selling
originals for $10,000 and more. Rather than owning a gallery, managing a dozen
people and two locations 40 miles apart, Thomas works out of his home and
spends much of this time with his family. Through his interest in flying ultralight
seaplanes, Thomas met the man who would eventually become his mentor;
John Pitre, a classical surrealist painter of thirty years whose work is known
and collected worldwide. His motto in life; "The meaning of life is to find
meaning in life". For Thomas Deir, the meaning of life is clear now: Family first,
play second, career third.  For more on this artist visit his website.

Below"Moonnight Rapture"
BLUE MOON        

I venture where few dare. Shoes do not last long when the flows are
running hot. Safety is always number one. My motto is "Live to shoot another day".          
Aloha, Bryan      Below
 "Cruising Under The Full Moon"         
Justin Jenkins's Companies

Monongalia Arts Center
Morgan town, WV US
Private Instructor
January 10th 2004 -              
Synchronized Designs
Morgan town, WV US
CEO / Designer

April 2004 - Present  
Imaginative Pencil
Morgan town, WV US
CEO / Artist

September 2002 - Present  
Redefining Reality: Looking at the World
from an Artists Unique Perspective.
When we look inside and around our everyday world we inhabit, we perceive our
reality as exactly the way we intend to observe it; as identifiable objects that have
certain colors and appearances which our senses have already adjusted to the
condition of reality as we intended to relate to it. Therefore, we are somewhat
limited to understanding what exactly it is that makes us a living organism
capable of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, and just plain existing.
Understanding the dynamics and energy that create what we are and what we
perceive as reality requires analyzation, dissection, and a "scientific" approach to
reality and objectivity.
Indygreen is happy to introduce  Justin Jenkins art  
from various collections and 'his Redefining Reality'    
Artist ~ Designer ~ Writer ~ Inventor ~ Entrepreneur  
Visualizing the world from outside the box is a trait that is distinctively inborn in many artists and creative
souls. Artists seem to have a much more liberated bent on the everyday happenings of a controlled,
almost "robotic" systematic culture and system that cherishes time deadlines, routine habits, mass
influened trends, and a need to somewhat compare one another based on the "norm" of everyday
expectations. These cultural traits, although somehwat strong in their orderliness and which have some
positive characteristics, seem to restrict one from understanding the complexities of life and the overall
picture that involves each and every one of us. This picture or portrait of our place in the universe with
all its underlying complexity and science seems to be only image deep, without much emphasis on how
it was painted or with what materials and why. The artist strives to understand how the picture was
created, why it was created, when it was created, and how it was created, leaving his perception of the
global picture as a multi-layered observation from the inward to the outward, as opposed to the natural
instinct and cultural norm or perceiving things outwardly at first then slowly to the inward truth. This
reversed excavation only strengthens our spirits and leaves us fulfilled knowing that we strive to
understand, and on many occasions, understand what we are made up of or what we were painted with.
One of the unique ways we can strip away everyday reality as we perceive it is
through a unique visualization of life. Approaching reality from "outside" the box
enables one to look at the world much differently than perhaps someone who is
overly engaged in the day to day happenings we equate with living. Much to often
we see everyone running or racing around to get more accomplished yet never
stop to take a deep breath and really absorb their situation or the situations
around them. To this majority, life is a microcosmic world they have boxed
themselves into in order to focus on their priorities. This leaves some of these
individuals falling further behind in their perception of the big picture and wisdom
of seeing all.
Redefining our bent on reality means going to the core of our existence and truly understanding our
relationship with one another. An artist takes a human face or person in a worldy setting, then begins to
create dynamic interplays of color and form fusing the setting with the human person as if he
"observes" everything that is in the picture box, not just the person at face value. The end result is a
picture that is unique to reality because the artist did not focus on one particular object but noticed and
observed all the objects. This gives the artist a much broader interpretation of the total environment he
was observing and painting. His brush strokes or pencil strokes become unified and woven fusions of
observational studies that collide with each other creating a harmonious display of color, form, and the
interlocking "marriage" of both these major elements so important to the reality we perceive from the
human eye. This exploratory result then propels our reality to another level of consideration that
demand the respect of every part of our known world or planet, emphasizing that the macrocosmic
machine known as earth is an end result of the relationship and interplays of the microcosmic human
beings, animals, and countless variety of planets and organisms that inherit this earth.
Warm Regards,  Justin
Below "Silver Ocean"
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