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Left "Walt"

For all the villains.
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Mike Kupka     The art of illustration is multifaceted and requires extensive training as well as artistic ability. It is only
natural for a great illustrator to be able to switch their style with little effort, growing an incredible portfolio and
several types of artwork that demand attention.This is apparent when you see the work of Mike Kupka. Whether
painting well-known rock stars like Ozzy Osbourne, or adding new depths to the classic horror characters of  
Frankenstein and Dracula, to his amazing depictions of the Disney Villain's. His affinity for the darker characters in life
has developed into quite a scary portfolio.  Shadow, mood, composition, and color, his style lends to it and as he says
about why villains, "You get more!" You can see from his works he is right.
Jim Warren "Surprise"

"One of the smartest things Walt      
Disney did I feel was to create           
very cute and lovable characters,    
then in contrast add a few                  
characters with a sense of danger
to them. What character is more      
dangerous, more feared and makes
tinker & Peter appear more cute       
and lovable than the classic bad       
guy Captain Hook. Disney art             
directed me on this painting more    
closely that the others because my  
decision to paint him as a 'real'         
person, rather than a cartoon            
character, tended to lean the            
painting towards 'Scary', rather         
than 'playfully threatening'. I think    
we reached a good balance here!"   
Jim Warren
Mike Kupka Bottom left   " Now You Shall Deal With Me"                 Bottom right" Prepare To Meet Thy Doom"  giclees
Above       "Captain Jack Sparrow"                         John Alvin                              Above   "Will Turner"

Creating the promise of a great experience' is how John Alvin describes his role as the preeminent designer and  
illustrator of cinema art in the entertainment industry today. In a business where you are only as good as your last job,   
Alvin is prolific. He has designed and illustrated some of the world's most widely recognizable movie art. Of the more    
than 120 film campaigns he has created, E.T. - the Extra-Terrestrial is the most satisfying to Alvin, and appropriately so,  
as the movie is one of the most successful in cinema history. In addition to receiving the Hollywood Reporter Key Art    
Awards' grand prize, Alvin's E.T. was the only movie art ever to be honored with the Saturn Award from The Academy
of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Films.
Artist  Perriette     Texas, USA
"When Evil Twins Collide"
I'm a self-trained artist who works mainly in                       
mixed-media. I also do photography, photomontage,        
and illustration. It sounds cliché to say I live for my art,
but that is practically all I do. I simply love to create
things and I love those who love what I create. I'm also
Baroness of Verslums, a small court of mad people
located in a semi-tropical wasteland. My private
chamber is part living quarters, part studio, and part
thrift shop.
My name is Joseph Kephart, my art work has been featured
in the Tacoma WA. Area. In addition, I have also sold artwork
online throughout the United States, as well as other parts
of the world.
I have always been into art, in one fashion or another since
I was a small child. I remember falling asleep over the
heater vent with a crayon still clutched in my paw, only to
awaken later with those weird vertical marks on my face and
a warm squashy blob that once was my short stout drawing
partner. Since then I have learned to write and play music, I
have written a musical, as well as regular plays, and
entertained the idea of combining the ancient art of sausage
making with a dance of the seven veils/performance art ala
one man stage show. (OK, I made the last part up).
Somewhere along the way I discovered digital art, and I
have learned many things about myself through my art.
1) I’m strange 2) I’m sometimes cool and 3) a cold crayon is a
good crayon. You may view and order art from this artist at
www.ebsqart.com   and also at  www.cafepress.com

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at. We highly recommend you visit this site which has
thousands of talented artist on all levels ranging  from
photography, paintings, digital and illustration art just
to name a few categories.    
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