Dennis Brady
" Textured Spheres"
Brady Fractals has
teamed up with a
Colorado textile
manufacture that
produces a complete
line of custom fabrics
using our fractal
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Brady Fractals
A self-taught fractal artist with over 25 years experience with digital computer
art who draws his inspiration from a very eclectic view of nature.
Created & rendered in Ultra Fractal with post-processing work done in photo
shop. After I create my fractals, I always render them for the largest print size I
intend to produce. In my studio I employ an "on demand" printing process
which allows me to offer my work in sizes ranging from 5 x 7 up to 16 x 20.All
of my fractals are printed on archival heavy weight paper using Epson ultra
chrome inks. My colors are bright and my designs are dramatic, reminiscent
of the psychedelic poster artwork that promoted concerts in the 60's.
Dennis Brady
   Bottom Left"Gala Moon"        Bottom Right "Julia Moon"

IG:   What was the last book or magazine that you
have read?

Wired, is there and other?

IG:   Your favorite cocktail?

Beer, just beer.

IG:   Your biggest pet peeve?

Art festival directors that don't  adhere to their own
rules.  Spineless.

"What ever career you choose for your life make it
one you look forward to getting out of bed everyday
to do.  If your job doesn't make you smile, you've got
the wrong job."  Patrick Brady (my father)

IG:   Do you have any advice for our future
generation artist?

Create art everyday and expose it to potential buyers
at least once a week.  That is the only way to succeed
as an artist  unless you're incredibly lucky and have a
less intensive way work for you.

IG:   Thank you for sharing your time with Indy Green,
Dennis. We look forward to sharing your work in
future issues.

IG:   That's it for 'the Hot-seat' today, and remember
'life is what you make of it.'
After some small talk;

Thank you for visiting us today Dennis.  As I talk to
you, you do not reflect the image that your art shows.
Your pieces show all of this cosmic energy that
seems to explode. And you seem to be this very easy
going laid back guy.

IG:   What form of art were you using before *Fractals?

I've always been a  digital artist although I have also
been interested on a miner level with photography.

IG:   When did you start with digital art ?

I purchased my first computer in the early 1980's but
after buying my first Mac from Apple in 1985 or 86 I
discovered the artistic value on a consumer level
was sitting right there on my desk.

IG:   Who in the digital field do you admire?

Janet Parke and Kerry Mitchell come to mine first.  
They're two fractal artists I've come to follow since I
started my career as a digital artist.

IG:   Have you ever been inspired by other artist's
Yes, the two I just mentioned.  Plus, there are many
incredible digital artists that I am unaware of their
names but show their works on sites like Deviant Arts
and Renderosity.

IG:   What inspires you the most?

Packing up and handing a new customer of mine one
of my framed fractals they just purchased from me at
one of the many art festivals I show at.  I love seeing
the look on their face when the discover and then
purchase one of my pieces.  That feeling is why I
keep up the hectic show schedule I do.

IG:   How long have you been creating fractals?

I was exposed to fractals in the late 70's but of course
didn't own one of the few computers in the world that
could render one.  As technology advanced and
personal computer became affordable I started
actually doing my own fractals.  Late 80's I guess.

IG:   How do your family and friends view your

Anyone who personally knows me knows this form of
art fits my personality like a glove.

IG:   Do you see any difference in your work when
you're in a different mood, such as
angry, happy, sad or even hung over?

My wife and I raise horses on the mountain ranch we
live on.  We had to put down a mare we had for many
years a year ago because it was the middle of winter
and she went lame with no chance of recovery.  
Watching something I loved so much go through that
much pain and then being there when she was put
down put me in a dark place like I hope I never have
to go through again.  The next fractal I created had a
look and feel over it that was definitely not my style.  
It was the physical manifestation of how I was
feeling.  Very depressed and blue.  Instead of
deleting it I kept it in my portfolio and named it after
my horse, Leann.  Here is
the link to this piece

IG:   Jumping to a more personal level, the type of art you do blends perfectly
with the techno-craze dance scene.  It also fits well in the science-fiction scene.

Fractals, especially animated videos of them over laid with that beat you refer to as
techno are a natural.  I initially got my inspiration to pursue this art form from the
concert scene in San Francisco's Fillmore and Winterland auditoriums in the late 60's.  
Light shows that danced behind the groups were the seed that started my fractal

IG:   What would you think about your art flashing on TV monitors or giant screens in
dance clubs or raves?

It has before.  I hope to find the time to pursue that whole scene more in this
upcoming year.

IG:   What music have you listened to most recently?

I'm a blues man.  I play the blues in various bands and seem to have it on the
computer when I create art most of the time.  That said, I truly love all types of music
from Latin jazz to Afro Cuban beats and of course let's not forget good old

IG:   Name a few of your favorite singers, musicians,
and bands.

Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughn,
Santana, The Band, Dylan, John Lee Hooker........How
about just googling blues artists and write that list
down? :-)

IG:   Name a few of your favorite movies or television

Don't watch TV but I just recently saw a great movie
titled "Into the Wild"  I totally related to the main
character.  If you haven't watched it yet, put it into
your Netflix queue ASAP.

IG:   Name the last concert or movie [in theatres] that
you chose to see.

The Last Waltz on DVD.   I own it and never get tired
of watching it.  In fact, last weekend I saw it again
after I was done for the day at an art festival I was
.         Dennis Brady's New Book

"Fractals...artwork for  your imagination"
consists of 45 of my best fractal
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