Jiro Osuga stood out from the crowd. His unique,
autobiographical paintings and intense shyness kept him
apart from others; and in turn this isolation became a
subject for his art.   Alienation is central to his work,whether
as a foreigner in a strange land - Osuga is Japanese - or as
a solitary, introspective artist.

Jiro Osuga

Painting 2004

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Factory with Golden Water Tower 1999                                                                                           Urbino
Renny Tait :    It is not difficult to account for the tremendous success of Renny Tait's paintings. Many of his    
subjects have immediate appeal: Venetian churches, medieval fortresses and Roman ruins are typical motifs.
Tait's mastery of lighting and composition works a strange, potent magic, so that normally prosaic buildings   
like grain silos and power stations could happily hold their pediments high in the architectural firmament.


Anthony Mutheki is an exceptionally
talented young artist who paints from
the North Coast of Kwazulu Natal.
Although Tony has no formal art
training, he has developed a large,
extremely loyal following in his short
and yet extremely full art career.
During his travels, Tony developed a
strong love for the diverse people of
Africa and hence his uncanny ability
of capturing his people and their
emotions on canvas. He has
participated in numerous international
exhibitions including New York,
Philadelphia and the United Kingdom.
He boasts sell-outs in both New York
and Philadelphia.
The Small Lady with Camel  
The Mark Galleries
Above "Santa Maria"                    Right  "Guardian"
Ray Caesar     www.raycaesar.com
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Ray Caesar      BIOGRAPHY
I was born in London, England on October 26 1958, the
youngest of four and much to my parent's surprise, I was
born a dog. This unfortunate turn of events was soon
accepted within my family and was never again mentioned
in the presence of polite company.............
To read more about Rays
creative work and life born
( which I thought was hilariously funny) about being born
as a dog  tune into his website
for wonderfully insane but ingeniously created artwork
Jiro Osuga   
Above:My Sad Life 2005
Right  "Silent  Whispers"
Melinda Byers

Elegant Lady I
above- Paul Goodnight
"Feet Don't Fell me now"