Vincent Khoury Tylor     
I first became serious about photography in 1998 while trying to capture my own images for a new
gift idea. It did not take very long however after getting started before I realized I had found a new
career; something I truly enjoyed doing, a very satisfying kind of work. Words are not easy to find
that describe the feelings when I am out in the natural elements, alone with only my gear, capturing
on film the beauty that surrounds us all. It is my goal to share some of these very special moments
in time, captured on film with people all over the world. If you plan to visit the islands, our Prints,
Giclee, Bookmarks and scopes are sold in over 140 galleries and gift stores throughout Hawaii and
beyond, as well as on this website.
My wife Michele and I both hope that these images of Hawaii's natural wonders will enhance your
appreciation for the marvels that still abound in this tropical paradise.
Simon Watterson      "Paris from Pont Alexandre III"
Northern Focus    

Northern Focus is about us and our environment. Its
about the small things and the large things, the animals
and the mountains. Its about us learning to live in our
environment rather than trying to control it ... To not
destroy it for our own short term interests.
The website of Simon Watterson, a photographer based
in Bangor, Northern Ireland.
This website features images of our environment, our
interaction with it and the wildlife that inhabits it.

Nick Carver
Photography is my life. No  
activity gives me more  
satisfaction and enjoyment  
than photography.
Everything from setting up
for a shot to hanging up the
final, framed print is utter
delight; I love the whole
process. I take photos with
the hope that my art will
increase mankind's respect
and love for nature so as to
escape its total destruction.
Also, with all the depressing
events and situations
happening in the world today
that the news and media tend
to focus on, it is important to
provide another venue that
focuses on the good in the
world. There needs to be
another form of media that
works to balance the
negativity out; and that media
is art. With every picture I
take, I present it with another
purpose in mind. That
purpose is to bring some
positive reminders to people
of the magnificence still
found on our planet.
Brewing Storm at the Coast
Aloe Plants
"Bald Eagle"

Philip Newman
67 Station Road
Aberdeenshire AB31 5UD
"Snowy Egret,"                   
Tel: +44 (0) 1330 822502                             Fax: +44 (0) 1330 822502

My tastes and ambitions in the pursuit of wildlife photographs are to
capture images, which are wild and free, and which, through the use of
sensitive lighting and creative techniques depict the subject in
imaginative and refreshing ways.  Often, it is only possible to shoot
'straight', however, I am constantly looking to capture action and
By profession, I am a geologist and wildlife photography is a serious
hobby, however my photographs are lodged with several photographic
agencies and  frequently appear in books and magazines.
Simon Watterson     "After the Rain"

Random clip from the internet.   BLUE DEEP