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Singers and Bands that give us our listening pleasure. We try to     
have something for everyone.
from Italy.
song is
lisalynne.com     Watch this beautiful video.   Click below
Lisa Lynne is a veteran musician and performer who has
sold over half a million albums of original music featuring her
Celtic harp. She has been a self taught multi-instrumentalist
since childhood, and has spent the last two decades  
pursuing  her passion for the Celtic harp. With twelve albums
to her credit, she divides her time between  touring 40+
weekends a year and running a healing music program at
several Los Angeles area hospitals.
The Freak Show are   
always adding more up    
to date electro & trance
mixing in their music,
which will be reflected in
their upcoming tunes.!!!
Last Dance
Mokade   Jazz / Ambient    Raliegh North Carolina  United
Band Members Me for now. Trumpet, flute, guitar, sax and
general noise. Influences;  If it
made music or had a beat, it influenced.  
Mokade will feature regularly in future issues of IndyGreen.
DJ  Etay Avraham & DJ Itay Dangur have been living and breathing
music throughout their lives since early childhood having been
raised with music all around them. Much of their inspiration comes
from black music and hip hop,with more up to date electro & trance
mixing in, reflected in their upcoming tunes.  
myspace.com/freakshowbne    watch video      bne.co.il  
THE FREAK SHOW-   second album is coming in July
'Atico Peletico'
The new song is
from the new C.D.
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Song featured;  Orbital
Jane C, responsible for all
FARCHILD'  production,
distinguishes herself as a true
producer and intrepid musical
force to be reckoned with in an
industry overrun by label culti -
vated  pop tartlets. Onstage,
Jane C of FARCHILD performs
solo or with a live band,
accompanied by her electronic
backing tracks          
Fabrizio started working as a DJ in  
1976. He discovered his passion for
this world of music after having been
at the famous discotheque Baia degli
Angeli. During his career he produced
many discs, as a soloist as well as in
collaboration with other Artist. My
favorite of him dancing.  
But big success arrived later, with the song “Bara Hum Ba” of
the album “ Appunti d’Africa” which was published by
Lomardoni. This song soon became famous in the Italian and
international hit parades.  Fabrizio Fattori music will feature
regulaly in IndyGreen webzine.
Song Featured;  No More   
Kent, United Kingdom
Laura Warwick is a singer/songwriter
with a difference. She's not your
standard 'inspired by Mariah Carey
and Whitney Houston' type though.
Laura grew up with a huge variety of
music around her and her influences
vary enormously.
' I think it's important to be exposed to
as many different artists and styles as
possible, particularly as an artist
myself - otherwise you end up
sounding like a tribute act.
Virtually unknown in the U.S., Hikaru,
24 is Japan's biggest pop star.
Utada Hikaru was born in the United States to a famous enka     
singer and a songwriter, who not only made sure that Hikaru      
inherited their talents, but also that she learned English before  
returning to Japan. As a child, Hikaru, spent time in recording    
studios soaking in the music and, at age 10, she began writing  
her own song lyrics in English. During that time, she was            
rocking out to bands like Queen and Bon Jovi, but later on got   
into R&B. By age 12, she had released three singles in the        
U.S. under the pseudonym, Cubic U.
Passion          Utada Hikaru
]  --backwards

[ I need more affection than you know

Omoidaseba haruka haruka
Mirai wa
[ I need more affection than you know ]
Dokomademo kagayaiteta
Kirei na aozola no shita de
Bokura wa
[ I need more affection than you know ]
Sukoshi dake obieteita

Natsukashii iro ni mado ga somaru

Mae wo muitereba mata ae masu ka
Mirai wa
[ I need more affection than you know ]
Dokohedemo tsuduiterunda
Ooki na kanban no shita de
Jidai no
[ I need more affection than you know  

Utsuroi wo mite itai na

Nido to aenu hito ni basho ni
Mado wo akeru

Omoidaseba haruka haruka
Mirai wa
[ I need more affection than you know ]
Dokomademo kagayaiteta
Kirei na aozora no shita de
Bokura wa
[ I need more affection than you know ]
Itsumademo nemutte ita

Zutto mae ni suki datta hito
Fuyu ni kodomo ga umareru sou da
Mukashi kara no kimari koto wo
Tama ni utagai taku naru yo
Zutto wasurerare nakatta no
Nengajou wa shashin tsuka na
Watashi-tachi ni dekinakatta koto wo
Totemo natsukashiku omou yo

My fears, my lies...
Aozora no shita...

[ I need more affection than you know ]
In Shelter'     Icon of Coil

Punishment for intolerance, so
Entertain us when you're still able to perform

I'm sorry to admit that I won't be around
When the world you created
will collapse and drown.

Back to the crypt, nothing will last,  
We'll all fade away, in one single blast.  

Out from the dust, machines arise
one second left to live and we'll open our

I can't find shelter in this world
I'm searching for another world
Where I'll feel safe
  IOC live in Germany 2008

Song featured   'In Shelter'
Donnerstag, 17 April 2008 00:00
Mit ICON OF COIL können wir Euch
ein heute ein weiteres Highlight  im
Festival-Line-Up bestätigen!  Icon of
Coil came a long way in a short
amount of time. For 2004 their third
album, Machines Are Us, continued
the trend with pummeling beats,
sympathetic, anthem-like melodies,
and sweeping synths.
Kein Problem    Melotron
Alles kein Problem
Solange wir noch die Sterne sehen

Jeder weiß, daß der Kanzler ein Lügner

Und daß Vasallen bis zum letzten Tag

Jeder weiß, daß die Front sich
verschoben hat

Und daß Helden nicht wirklich existieren

Jeder weiß, daß der Krieg längst
entschieden ist

Und daß die Guten stets verlieren

Alles kein Problem
Solange wir noch die Sterne sehen

Alles kein Problem
Solange wir noch die Liebe säen
To purchase FARCHILD music   click black box above.
Serving up a quirky mixture of Folk/ Grunge guitar,  
rhythmically haunting classical piano, swirling orchestral
elements, and glitchy electronics to forge a sound that can
best be described as ’playfully sinister’. The kaleidoscopic
Seattle based Alternative Experimental music entity founded in
2007 by multi-faceted vocalist, producer, songwriter, &
instrumentalist, JANE C. Influenced by a vast array of genres
Rock, Electronica, Industrial, Folk, Metal, Hip Hop, Classical,

Pop / Electro  
Song featured : Kein Problem
Utada Hikaru
Song featured;  Passion
Celtic harp
No More      Laura Warrick
So infuriated
Feels like I'll never reach my dreams
So intoxicated
Life never turns out like you think

(No more no more no more no more)
I won't be held back anymore
(It's time to just break down the door)
I won't be held down anymore

(Now it's time)
To release the hesitation
(My life is mine)
I'll be free of my frustration
It's time to take back what is mine
It's gotta be my turn to shine
No more
(No more no more no more no more)
I won't be held back anymore

Feel unappreciated
My self esteem has hit the ground
My optimism's faded
I scream but I can't make a sound


But I won't let this beat me, no
It's only the beginning
And it's my time
This moment's mine
And I will find
My place in life
I have to keep
My faith alive

*chorus x2*
Cick for Biography
Germany Band

Melotron are Germany’s   
most successful export when
it comes to German language
electro pop; and have been
for a full 6 years, the three
decided early on to commun-
cate their message in their
mother tongue, and whil
English-language bands
sprang up like mushrooms all
over the country, Melotron
set about paving the way for
German lyrics.
Melotron Das
Melotron Liebe ist Notwehr
ORBITAL      FarChild
When the walls begin to leak, wish   
that I could take a peak
Take a peak into my head, unearth all
things better unsaid

Touch and blink, am I awake? Here I
lie, so drive the stake
Dampened and now vulnerable, it
spins and I can’t stand it

At the backs of burning eyes,
seize the sounds they cauterize
Pat me on my little head, binge and  
purge my soul, you’re fed
Stand and turn to splash my face, oh,
dear water, dissipate
This hunger for respect..I don’t want   
it, I demand it.

Take them, not me so seriously

Lucid capsule oh, grips and pulls so
Won’t you leave me alone? There’s
something these walls still won’t
Reason: opaque. Make no mistake
I’ll play dumb again till I surmount this
tepid affair

In the jungle you must wait, till the`  
dice read 5 or 8
Put her in a pumpkin shell, there she’s
keeping not so well
Still beneath the thumbs implied,
hoping some will realize
This hunger for the world but they still
don’t understand it

Lucid capsule oh, grips and pulls so
Won’t you leave me alone? There’s
something these walls still won’t share

Reason: opaque. Make no mistake
I’ll play dumb again till I surmount this
tepid affair

Transcending, transcending, feed of
the vibes that I’m sending
Transcending, still pending, feed off  
the vibes never ending

You can’t imagine this hunger, at war   
against the war mongers,
No you can’t imagine this, cannot
fathom it, not about to go under

Take them not me so seriously
Watch it circle round the sun,watch
me circle Mr. Sun (**purr*