If you don't like my

sense of humor...

Please tell me so I

can laugh at you
Note from the Editor;

Indy Green is a
non profit
magazine. If you
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No amount is to
small thank you.

  1. Id Guinness "The one that
    got away"

  2. Clazziquai "Love Mode"
  3. satellite-state "Lights Out

  4. keno "Another Try"
  5. Aaron English "lullaby of
  6. Jana Mashonee "The
    Enlightened Time"
  7. Triad "Black Grapes"
  8. Powder Wheel "Happy"
  9. DBSK "Mirotic"

Please remember that all material are
resources gathered from the internet
except various art, poetry and songs.
These works were given permission
by the artist and is copyright protected.
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Even though the original
version of this magazine
has been edited, I hope to
bring more wonderful art
& music in a wider
variety. Please enjoy

Tensy Jones
Editor & Publisher

Please reme
resources gathe
except various art, po
These works were given
by the artist and is copyrigh.
more songs will be added later