Casual Lolita
is a more
toned down
version of the
style, while
still retaining
the basic
Japan that is based on Victorian-era clothing as well
as costumes from the Rococo period, but the style has
expanded greatly beyond these two.[1] The Lolita look
began primarily as one of modesty with a focus on
quality in both material and manufacture of garments.
The original silhouette is of a knee length skirt or dress
with a 'cupcake' shape assisted by petticoats, but has
expanded into various types of ga.rments including
corsets and floor lengths skirts. Blouses, knee high
socks or stockings and headdresses are also worn.[2]
Lolita fashion has evolved into several different sub
styles and has a subculture that is present in many
parts of the world. Although many people point to
Japan for the Lolita trend especially with the influence
of Anime media, which made it more popular, as the
creator of the “Lolita Fashion,” the origin of its
meaning is complex, and remains unclear.[3] It is likely
the movement started in the late 1970s when famous
labels including Pink House, Milk and Pretty (later
known as Angelic Pretty) began selling clothes that
would be considered "Lolita" by today's standards.

Shortly after that came Baby, The Stars Shine Bright,
and Metamorphose temps de fille. In the 1990s, Lolita
fashion became better recognized, with bands like
Princess Princess coming into popularity at the time.
is a fashion subculture originating in These bands
wore intricate costumes, which fans
Lolita began
adopting as their own style.[4] The style soon spread
from its origins in the Kansai region, and ultimately
reached Tokyo where it became popularized
throughout Japanese youth culture. Today, Lolita
fashion has gained global popularity and can be found
even in department stores in Japan.
Harajuku Fashion
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Classic Lolita
is the tamest of
all the Lolita
styles as many
dresses could
pass for a
garden party,
church or
dress.  Classic
Lolita is about
looking classy,
Cosplay Lolita is
often looked-
down upon
because it’s
usually seen at
being worn by
those who don’t
really understand
Lolita fashion
Country derived
from the Sweet
Lolita style. It
can be
recognised by
straw baskets,
hats, fruit, and
Ero LolitaThis
style contains
more fetish
such as
and corsets
Although the name
‘Gothic’ Lolita
alludes to goth
fashion as a
whole, the style is
influenced by
victorian inspired
goth style and not
cyber goth or
industrial style
Guro Lolita is
a style of
Lolita that
tries to
portray a
sort of look, a
gruesome yet
innocent sub-
set of Lolita.
Hime Lolita, or
‘Princess Lolita,’
is a very elegant
style of lolita that
often involves
crowns, tiaras,
and extravagant
or large hair, and
Kodona is often
called “boystyle”
as it involves
more masculine
clothing. In Japan
they usually use
Ouji (meaning
prince) and not
Kuro Lolita  
or ‘Black
Lolita,’ like
Shiro Lolita,  
is an outfit
made-up of
of one
colour, in
this case;
Punk Lolita   
fuses the
image of a
Lolita with
that of the
punk style
Sailor Lolita is a very
nautical-themed style
of Lolita that is very
much inspired by
Sailor-styled uniforms
Shiro Lolita, or
‘White Lolita,’ is
a Lolita outfit
made entirely of
white co-
1970's and early 1980's, goth became not just a musical style but also a fashion movement, influenced by contemporary goth musicians such as
Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Cure, Bauhaus, Southern Death Cult, The Damned, Sisters of Mercy,  
Skin was always deathly pale and early goths wore tight black clothes, pointed boots and lots of silver jewellery often using religious designs from
early European and ancient Egyptian culture such as Coptic and Celtic crosses and Ankhs.  They teamed this with black leather biker jackets,
skin-tight black jeans, mini skirts and T-shirts, black fishnet stockings and black sunglasses. Some goths mixed elements of goth fashion with the
New Romantic style, incorporating loose, white ruffled shirts and flowing scarves.
Since then goth fashion has evolved and diversified as new elements have been added to make an ecelctic mix of styles.  Many goths now wear
clothes influenced by 18th or early 19th century fashion in fabrics such as silk, velvet and lace.  Combat trousers and chunky platform boots, striped
tights and leggings and neon colours now mix with the traditional goth black base colour and styles have been incorporated from other subcultures
such as Cyberpunk. Techno and the BDSM and fetish scene.   Hair now tends to be longer and straighter as the teased big hair look of the 1980's
has given way to new ideas. Other styles such as brightly coloured hair extensions and pony tails are now part of the goth look, as are tattoos and
body piercings.The goth subculture started as early as 18th century through influences in the form of literature.
In the early 1990's, the
media interest in goth music
waned, but the goth
subculture rooted in the
goth clubs and independent
record labels survived.
It was greatly boosted by a
series of hit films with a
"dark Gothic" feel such as
"The Crow", "Edward
Scissorhands" and
"Interview With the Vampire"
and this focused a great
deal of new interest onto
the goth scene.
The Gothic novel had
elements of horror and
romance, and the most
famous books explored the
dark sides of human
behavior. Just some of the
most popular books in this
genre include Mary Shelley,
Frankenstein and Bram
Stokers Dracula. Other
writers who are prominent in
the genre are Edgar Allan
Poe, William Faulker and
the modern writers Anne
Rice and Stephen King.
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Punk,  and CyberGoth
Gothic and lolita bible
Aristocrat (a.k.a.
Elegant Gothic
This style is a lot
more mature than
lolita in general. It
has a lot in
common with the
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Wa Lolita is a style that is often recognised by the Kimono-esque look of the outfits