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& Music Magazine

 ( The beginning )
What started it
all                                      for
Roof Top Attic Cat
My Lovely Sam Soon
Winter Sonata
Love Story in Harvard
Mr. Socrotes
Bi Rain            "Rainisn"

Super Junior
" Sorry Sorry Sorry"

DBSK      "Miroctic"
2 PM  "Again & Again"
Girl Generation"Nobody"
Fx            "Nu Abo"
2NE1       "Fire"
Roof Top
Room Cat
Super Junior ( Sorry Sorry Sorry )
This page is dedicated to my older Sister
( 언니 - unni) who showed me my first Korean
Drama "Love Sonata", my first video by artist
"Rain" and my first movie "Mr. Socrotes".
Because we lived in different States we would
chat on the telephone and watch movies and
videos together online. This was 10 years ago.
I love you dearly and I am forever grateful‎ Sis.
There grew my addition to Asian drama,
Movies, K-pop and other Asian music.
My son started me on Anime and Anime
soundtracks with InuYasha, Trigun, Ghost in the
Shell, Final Fantasy,Avatar: The Last Airbender
and dragon-ball Z to name a few. Thanks Mark,
I love you son.