You and me, I don ‘t know why
We’re laying near for the second time
You and me, it don’t look nice
We ‘re getting started for another try

We only need to stop fooling each other
I’ll never give you what you’re looking for
Living together has brought us to the
You’d better say goodbye
Hanging around I’ve seen what I’ve seen
I could have run ‘n said: that’s all folks!
You’d ‘ve never seen my blue getting
And find yourself another place to go


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Fabrizio Fattori starter working as a DJ in 1976. He discovered his
passion for this world of music after having been at the famous
discotheque Baia degli Angeli.
Since than he participated in many events and performances,
which made him become one of the most famous DJ's of Italy and
" Fabrizio Fattoris  love for music and making people happy has
enabled  Fabrizio to combine any culture of music and make it a
dance beat.  This is why such talent will always headline and reign
as king of Indy Greens top DJs "   Editor and publisher of Indy
Green Magazine. 2008.
Roi Okev
Roi Okev was burn in
Tel-Aviv in-1979 Roi's
music career began in
2004 when he started his
studies at Muzik school,
israel's best music
production school where
both Chaim and Shlomi
Aber studied. Roi has
been Djing since 2003 at
various clubs & venues
around Tel-Aviv and Israel.
Mokade is focus. Years ago a mixture
of eatlewonderpfunksanbornalpert
made it way into the life of a guy that
just wanted to make and play some
good music.


If it made music or
had a beat, it
Fabrizio Fattori

Past Life
Aaron English     Myspace
Seattle-based piano man Aaron English is a singer
songwriter, yes. But there is nothing
'singer-songwriter', in the quaint coffeehouse
open-mike sense of the term anyway, about his
sophisticated, world-beat-influenced sound. These
songs are big songs: driven by Aaron's vivid lyrics
and deft piano work, but spilling over onto vast
canvasses of sound, incorporating arena-rock and
jazz-rock stylings, electronics, and traditional
musics from around the world into his recordings
and live shows.
Aaron English

The lullaby of

Id Guinness - biography  Over the years, Vancouver
artist Id (rhymes with Syd) Guinness has performed and
recorded with many Canadian artists and bands -
including KD Lang, Randy Bachman and The Wyrd
Sisters. Several of his songs have been on Canadian
playlists including 'Open Your Heart' - the title cut of an
African famine relief benefit album which was sung by a
cast of many and played across the country. Id received
a West Coast Music Award and an Oxfam Canada Award
for his work on the project.   As a solo artist, Id
contributed a track to the Vancouver anthology 'Eight
on Eight' and released the six-song EP 'Beat the Heat.’
Id Guinness

1 Rising River
His new 13 song
collection fuses the
art rock influences of
Roxy Music, David
Bowie, Pink Floyd,
Peter Gabriel, U2,
The Beatles and
Radiohead with Asian
and Middle Eastern
Roi Okev  
DJ mix
Powder Wheel   

13007  &

Not Nyet

Saintpaul dj made his own debut in the 89,
deejaying in the club Bussola di Focette .
His touring around the clubs of Versilia (and not
only) made him grow professionally up to
become what he is today: the soundtrack of the
glamorous Versilian nights. Symbol of the most
renamed and trendy clubs of Forte dei Marmi
and Viareggio, Saintpaul Dj is always touring
around the whole Italy and abroad.
“ANOTHER TRY”, by the artist KENO, (released
in September 2006, on SoundsGood label) soon
become a huge success in the international
clubbing scene. His own music and deejaying
skills attract to SEVEN APPLE disco, Versilian
club where he is VIP guest, people from the
Italian jetset, just like Giorgio Armani, Martina
Stella and many, many football players. His
elegant and transgressive way of been makes
Saintpaul Dj a symbol of the Made in Italy
The Bus Racket 5 was a kid band that
played on Fridays when the bus took
the long way home.
Those experiences  allowed Mo' to
press forward into life with a song of
life that he hopes makes your day
better. People like music and he loves
making it. Texas, Spain ,soul, rock ,
birds, bad relationships.
All things contribute to song.
Ain't that life?    Mokade

Maverick and Juliene

Powder Wheel | MySpace Music Videos
Click for Happy '  video
Powder Wheel
Totally fresh and original.
This is music of the Americana
Dreamscape. Songs of love,
loss, redemption.., all the
good stuff.
The lullaby of loneliness